Datacenter Development and Infrastructure

As organizations develop their datacenters to meet increasing business challenges, they is need to evolve the infrastructure in a way to position I.T services in a dynamic datacenter. According to IDC research, Datacenter has been a key area of investment in new technologies. Infrastructure–related investment is needed to support consolidate efforts and fundamentally focused towards support for automation. The key requirement for I.T today is to give greater utilization from the I.T assets.

Logicmate provides data center construction, engineering and installation to keep your business thriving. The data center construction process begins with a detailed assessment of your unique requirements, including physical and functionality.

Each complex data center construction project has their own engineering challenges and we can accommodate them. Logimate believe in safety for your employees and for ours, which is a priority throughout the data center installation project. Installations are scheduled to minimize any disruptions to your day-to-day operations. Once the project is completed, we provide ongoing preventative maintenance and data center disaster recovery activities to keep facilities and server environments running at optimal efficiencies

Logicmate Systems Limited have over the year gain required experience in structured Cabling, Raise Floor design and installation and data center power management.

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